REESE THE CAT and Katalina the Snow Leopard at the Fursuit Parade. Photograph by Patrick R. Benesh-Liu.
Further Confusion

fiber arts

San Jose is a beautiful gem of a city, made so by its varied and elegant architecture, wide variety of cultures (possessing as it does a large Vietnamese, Japanese, Hispanic, and Chinese population) and prolific public art presence. The climate, like much of California, is temperate, with fog and beating sun about the only inconveniences that Mother Nature will bestow on a casual visitor. Perhaps it is because of this resplendent atmosphere that once a year San Jose finds itself inundated with a quite unusual migration, centered on the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. Further Confusion is the name of the event, and it is a gathering of some three thousand furry fans that is sure to bring some bewilderment to the local residents.

In general, furries are people who have a great interest and/or attachment to anthropomorphic animals. Whether they identify themselves with them or find pleasure in the many creative avenues of the fandom, the furry culture is gregarious and diverse. More than that, it is a community with a love for craft and art. Every fursuit has been handmade, whether by its wearer or the many hundreds of fursuiters who sell their services. Even those just getting into the fandom try their hand at making their own costumes; sometimes utilizing staples and glue guns to create their first fursuit. The dealer’s room, which is a central attraction, is full of artists and writers, who pen and paint and draw and type. For 2011, Further Confusion had about one hundred exhibitors. Many of these individuals travel a circuit in their immediate area, visiting several furry conventions a year. Because of the furry community being predominantly online, many of these artists are known through their online galleries.



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