CORSAGE BROOCH of fabricated, hollow silver form with anodized aluminum, 15.2 centimeters high, 2009. Photograph by Jessica Marcotte.
Lisa Vershbow

The Art of Diplomacy


She loves the challenge of pure silversmithing, to get the edge and detail perfect. Vershbow seeks to achieve clean lines in all her work, which reflects her love of graphic arts; this is especially true in her stunning corsage brooches.

Metalsmith Lisa Vershbow says “Necessity is the mother of invention—I am living proof of that.” For the past thirty-five or so years, Vershbow has accompanied her diplomat husband Alexander to Russia, South Korea and other foreign posts, transporting her streamlined metalsmith studio across oceans.

Because she and her husband have moved every three years or so, Vershbow has had to continuously crate her studio, making sure it does not weigh too much to be shipped. She has been obliged to pack fewer tools than most jewelers would normally carry along. “I may be the only metalsmith buying a rolling mill who asks, ‘Do you have something lighter?’”

In the course of her husband’s foreign service career, Vershbow has spent time in many countries (and she is headed back to Belgium next year). Of all the places she has called home away from home, Russia and South Korea have made the greatest impression, especially during extended stays in recent years. With her children grown and the opportunity to work more, as an artist she has maximized her time abroad.




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Carl Little met up with Lisa Vershbow at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, situated on the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia. “The energy in that building was palpable,” Little notes, “between artists at work in their studios and gallery goers wandering through.” Vershbow shares a space, Metallum Studio, with three other jewelers, and teaches at the Art League School. Little’s 1993 book, Edward Hopper’s New England has just been printed in a new edition. The film Stephen Pace: Maine Master, on which he served as a co-producer, has been nominated for a New England Emmy.


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