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MURAL ON THE HEARD MUSEUM by Thomas “Breeze” Marcus, seen in foreground. Photographs by Robert K. Liu and Patrick R. Benesh-Liu.

Native Arts

2014 Heard Museum Guild

Indian Fair and Market




The Heard Museum is an excellent education on Native American art and culture, and once a year it is a hot spot to see some superb Indian crafts for sale. Smaller than the most widely known Indian craft show, the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market nevertheless sports more than six hundred booths of traditional and contemporary Native American craft. It is greater than a show though, it is a complicated interplay between artist, visitor, market, and buyer. Not a little theatrics are involved, with an air of pagaentry that is not to be missed. Both in traditional garb and modern interpretation, there is a parade of artists and attendees dressed in their best finery. Laughter and the greetings of old friends permeate the air, with artists and their associates catching up on lost time.

Socializing is the sideshow, enjoyable as it is, and the main event is tantalizing in the array of crafts to be seen. While there is a spectrum of work at the show, the jurying selection ensures a significant number of quality artisans compose the fair’s entrees, which consists of traditional work and more modernist takes of Native American motifs. Some of the most well-known names in the field regularly attend, such as Jesse Monongya, whose inlay work and sheer opulence can overwhelmingly award him the title of master jeweler. Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson have long contributed to the development of contemporary Native American jewelry, and they too are frequent visitors to the Heard Indian Fair. Anthony Lovato and his family are more big names in the business.






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