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Volume 25 No. 1 2001

Ornament Magazine Cover Volume 25 No. 1

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2001 Washington Craft Show. Maria Phillips An Anti-classical Strategy. Marylou Ozbolt-Storer A Seamless Life. Fumiko Ukai Bead Stories. 2001 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. How Does It Wear? Milestone Ramona Solberg. Fiber Arts Laurie Kimmelstiel. Jewelry Arts Gary Hauser. Ancient Arts Persian Department, Oriental Institute. Ethnographic Arts Flower Miao Collars. Artist Statement Steven Ford and David Forlano. Artist Statement Mary Watson. Exhibition Ana Lisa Hedstrom. Exhibition Vital Forms. Exhibition Shibori. Marketplace Beadazzled. Conference Gathering 9, Boulder, CO.





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Nubian Jewelry

Kate Mensah

Philadelphia Craft Show


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