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Volume 26 No. 1 2002

Ornament Magazine Cover Volume 26 No. 1

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2002 Washington Craft Show 15th Anniversary. 2002 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. The Ransom Collection Silver Jewelry. Jesse Monongya Crafting the Jewels. Defining William Spratling: A Twentieth Century Humanist. Jean Hicks Her Public Persona. Ann Jenkins Small Wonders. Juanita Girardin A Paradise of Color. Miao Metal Weaving of China’s Guizhou Province. Master Class with Karren Brito Lanaset Dyes for Silk. Exhibition Crafting a Legacy. Exhibition Symbols of Power. Artist Statement Yoriko Nishi. Ancient Arts Slit-Ring Earrings. Museum News The Picard Trade Bead Museum. Marketplace Tiger Tiger.





Our upcoming issue 37.4 contains


Nubian Jewelry

Kate Mensah

Philadelphia Craft Show


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