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Volume 27 No. 4 2004

Ornament Magazine volume 28 no. 3, 2006

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Atelier Designers Creative Fashion. Claire Falkenstein Modernist Jeweler. Thomas Herman Art Blooms. Naga Ornaments Tribal Symbolism and Variation. Kimberly Keyworth Skill, Alchemy and Luck. Marimekko Free and Individualistic Spirit. George O’ Grady Versatility In Glass. Fiber Arts Risa Benson. Designer Collectibles Peggotty Christensen. Artist Statement Dennis Lee Gomez. Artist Statement Louise McClure. Gallery Showcase Joe Loux. Ethnographic Arts Chinese Minority Silver Neckpieces. Marketplace Larry Paul Casting.





Our upcoming issue 37.4 contains


Nubian Jewelry

Kate Mensah

Philadelphia Craft Show


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