roman-mosaic-face-beadsROMAN MOSAIC FACE BEADS, both spherical and tabular, purchased at auction some twenty years apart. Some have been sanded to remove the corroded glass, others are in their original condition. The price differential between the first and the last batch was sixfold, but nowhere near the current market price of approximately $5,000, some one hundred times greater than two decades ago. This sample provides a basis and impetus for future research on Roman mosaic face beads, which have not been studied in detail. The beads range from 1.1 to 1.4 cm diameter.
rare-japanese-beadsRARE JAPANESE BEADS and Swiss calipers used in measuring beads. Marked in millimeters (dial shows tenths of a millimeter) and inches, the caliper's plastic jaws will not harm a bead. The smaller jaws can be used to measure the perforation diameter. Inexpensive calipers lacking the dial are also available; see page 231. Measurements should be in metric units, a system which prevails in the world except for the United States. Courtesy of Ornamental Resources.

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