HULET & HULET’s fine glass confections, of mostly delectable imitation chocolates, at the Niche show, Las Vegas, June 2010. Photograph by Robert K. Liu/Ornament.
Las Vegas
Saul Bell Award. JCK, Acre, Niche Shows


Eye candy is a term often used for striking personal adornment and collectibles; but the irresistible chocolates seen above are actually glass simulations, by the well-known Hulet sisters, who were formerly known as masterful makers/purveyors of mosaic canes. They were exhibitors in June 2010, at the inaugural Niche show at Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. This city is the second tourist draw in America, according to a recent survey, which is why so many jewelry and craft shows occur here, including Jewelers’ Circular Keystone (JCK), the largest jewelry show in North America. In conjunction with this event, Rio Grande, the largest USA manufacturer and distributor of jewelry tools and supplies, and a major exhibitor at JCK (Ornament 33.5, 2010), held its tenth Saul Bell Design Award dinner at the Venetian Hotel, one of the establishments serving the multitudes of show attendees and tourists.

The Saul Bell Design Award is one of the few American competitions in which the actual jewelry or hollowware is examined by the judges during the final round, drawing upon jurors from all aspects of the jewelry world. For 2010, they were jewelers Geoffrey Giles, Linda Kaye-Moses and Ronda Coryell (also an instructor at Revere Academy), Whitney Sielaff, National Jeweler Editorial Director, and Carolyn Benesh, Ornament Coeditor. In addition to considerable prize moneys, the winners of each of the seven categories receive media exposure and invitation to the delightful award dinner, much enlivened by audio/visual presentations. Some winners traveled considerable distances, like grand prize winner Wayne Meeten of the United Kingdom and American Angela Baduel-Crispin, second place in metal clay, now residing in Ploemeur, France (Ornament 30.5, 2007).





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