WESTERN DESIGN CONFERENCE RUNWAY SHOW in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photographs courtesy of Anna Konya.

Blown on the Wind


Anna Konya

fiber arts


Made to be flourished could be the perfect motto for Anna Konya’s distinctive line of dress. Full-length skirts composed of richly patterned fabric swish and swirl with ease. Konya calls her clothing gypsy-inspired. Made both stylish and pragmatic, her dresses are the female wanderer’s wardrobe. “You could backpack through Europe wearing these skirts,” Konya attests without exaggeration, having already worn them on such a trip with her son in the south of France. Konya’s signature interpretations and sensibility have formed the heart of more than a few wardrobes.

Anna Konya’s whole life has been immersed in textiles. From the age of six she would make clothing for her friend’s dolls. At sixteen she made dresses on the side for sale, and again after she had left home at age eighteen until she was twenty. Konya would then open a shop in Hermosa Beach, California, where she began inventing new designs. The 1964 Renaissance Pleasure Faire would mark the beginning of the evolution. Creating medieval shifts for the revelers based on sixteenth-century clothing, with Renaissance sleeves, paved the way to her “gypsy” dresses. “I always worked with bits, and I fit a lot of unusual bodies, and I did a lot of figure-flattering styles,” Konya explains. “It just went from there. And it evolved, little by little.” Originally her Faire designs took artistic liberties, as in the early days historical accuracy was trumped by comfort and flip-flops. As that changed and the years went past, the artist would continue to tweak and experiment with her designs. Konya’s “gypsy wedding dress,” made from American-made gauze and embellished with ribbons and lace, was one child of that quest for innovation.



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