JOE GATTO’S INLAID BRACELETS; he is a remarkable jeweler who often uses ethnographic or ancient components in his handfabricated jewelry.

Pasadena Bead and Design

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Recently established in 2008, the Pasadena Bead and Design Show provides a case study for developing a venue in economically challenging times. Director Anna Johnson, an entrepreneur who started with a single bead show in Tucson, now has shows in southern and northern California, and two in Arizona each year. We have followed the Pasadena show since its inception, and Ornament’s editors have lectured or given photography workshops there.

Almost all shows in the United States selling components, supplies and finished products also have workshops, sometimes both pre- and post-show. Attendees are able to engage their passions, learning how to use materials offered by the vendors, as well as techniques. Largely dominated by women, this is an important and significant element of craft today—whereby those interested in a particular medium essentially enter into a lifestyle through their avocations. Manufacturers, supply firms, other vendors, and well-known artist/teachers have realized that women devoted to such crafts essentially makeup the market for tools, supplies, kits, workshops, or other learning devices.



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