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JAY WHALEY talking with a student at his studio, converted from two apartments with a connecting balcony.

Whaley Studios



While undoubtedly people are still self-taught, as I am in jewelry and photography, many of those working in media-driven crafts take workshops or some other form of paid instruction. Aside from those high schools, community colleges and universities that teach jewelry or metals, most adults interested in these crafts now engage in lifelong learning on their own, outside of traditional academic venues.

Situated in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, upstairs on 5th Avenue in the only building on this street with a balcony, Whaley Studios started as a wedding ring studio in 2005. The year before, owner Jay Whaley had started to bring over his private students from his classes at the University of California San Diego Crafts Center to this newly remodeled studio. Gradually, more workbenches, equipment and tools enabled his studios to have over a dozen workstations, so that it could support both private instruction and larger workshops, usually taught by well-known jewelers with special skills, such as Nancy Megan Corwin and Andy Cooperman.



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