EXTRA LARGE SWIRL EARRINGS of electroformed and oxidized copper, 2009 - 2012 (production). ELEGANT GESTURE NECKLACE of electroformed copper with enamel, twenty-four karat gold, silver, and onyx, 2009. CORINTHIAN BRACELET of cast oxidized sterling silver and eighteen karat gold, 2009. Model: Mary-Margaret Anozie. Photograph by Chris Hartlove.
Shana Kroiz

Sculptor of Sensuous Form




“Art jewelers need to forget about the white walls and think about getting it on bodies and getting people wearing it, and getting people to interact with it. Wearing it doesn’t make it less important—it’s really what it’s about.”

Shana Kroiz’s jewelry, like the Baltimore-based artist herself, can best be described as exuberant. Over the past two decades she has developed a visual vocabulary that ranges from contoured metallic forms whose sumptuous curves embody the best impulses of Art Nouveau in a very contemporary (even futuristic) way, to painterly constructions in bright enamels that bring to mind the aquatic fauna and exotic flora of some imagined tropical paradise. Confronting the work in a gallery, you might think it was the product of several different artists, but a closer examination would reveal that the pieces are united in their meticulous craftsmanship, strong sculptural sensibility and unbridled sense of playfulness.

“Ultimately, I’m very interested in sensuous form,” says Kroiz. “The whole idea of wearing jewelry is about feeling beautiful, or expressive, or more than what you are without it. It really is about being more. I consider myself to be a celebratory person. I’m joyful most of the time.”





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David Updike
lives just outside Philadelphia with his wife and daughter. For the last decade he has worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where he has edited books on a wide variety of subjects, from American crafts to Rembrandt to Zaha Hadid. His visit with Baltimore jewelrymaker Shana Kroiz, as well as her infectious enthusiasm for her hometown, reminded him how much he likes that city and has prompted several return visits to take in its great cultural treasures.



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