VIEW FROM ENTRANCE OF TRAVELER’S MARKET, showing the six-hundred-square-foot temporary exhibit space to the left, dealers’ galleries to right and in background. The entrance from the parking lot is flanked by two jewelry display cases. In March, they were setting up for an American Glass Bead Makers show in the exhibit space. Photograph by Robert K. Liu/Ornament.

The Traveler's Market


A Connoisseur's Destination





If you collect ancient and ethnographic jewelry, textiles or tribal/folk art, you will be familiar with souks and bazaars, such as the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok; bead markets; antique malls; flea markets or ethnographic shows held around the world and in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and San Francisco. You may not yet have discovered the six-year-old Traveler’s Market in Santa Fe. Hidden in a nondescript eleven-thousand-square-foot space at the back of the De Vargas Center near downtown, the Traveler’s Market rewards unsuspecting visitors with an astonishing array of art from around the world.

The venue comprises thirty-five individual galleries and an open space for changing exhibits and special events. Evoking exotic emporia bursting with jewelry, textiles, sculptures, carvings, baskets, beads, ceramics, decorative home accessories, books, and more, the Traveler’s Market brings together world-wide art from throughout the ages. The Market also maintains a small store or Annex within the De Vargas mall proper where many of the members exhibit some of their wares.



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