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Jewelry Arts





Closing February 22, 2014, there is still plenty of time to make it over to New York City’s Forbes Galleries to view its latest installation of jewelry. Produced by forty designers, all members of the American Jewelry Design Council, the jewelry is an exquisite presentation of their expertise. The designers professional careers have been notable for their emphasis on creativity, originality and excellence. Each one-of-a-kind piece on display is the result of a thematic design project with inspirational topics and is a selection from the very first in 1996 through 2013. The concepts have ranged from the Mona Lisa as a subject to Cube, Wheel, Key, Fold, Sphere, Water, Spiral, Ice, and Flight among others. The project’s goal is to stimulate and challenge the artist members to devise jewelry from a unique perspective and outside the box of their more well-known creations. Introduced at the major jewelry trade shows, the innovative design projects join the permanent collection established by the AJDC, then go on to be shown at museums and galleries throughout North America.






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