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KRISTINA LOGAN AND LIZA LOU, respectively glass/metal artist and beaded sculptor/MacArthur Fellow, now working in South Africa with Zulu women. She gave a powerful lecture at the reception. Photographs by Robert K. Liu


Corning Glass Symposium




Symposiums are one of the most important means for groups with specific shared interests to communicate among themselves and to build their community.Unfortunately, with the economic downturn, decrease in funding and the possibly unwarranted perception that the internet can now serve all our interactional and informational needs, such events are now rare and further decreasing worldwide.

Those with serious involvement in glass ornaments can be thankful that the Corning Museum of Glass continues their tradition of an annual seminar on glass. In 2013, a new two-day format was initiated, focused on topics dealing with themes from their major exhibition, “Life on a String: 35 Centuries of the Glass Bead,” a rich and diverse display. Unfortunately, some of the beadwork lenders to this show only permitted four lumens of illumination, which made viewing difficult. The exhibition and lectures drew a domestic and international audience of glass professionals, researchers, artists, and collectors. Touring the museum, their studios and the famed Rakow Library greatly added to the conference experience. A number of attendees took the opportunity to conduct literature research at the library. Throughout the two days, attendees were able to participate in glass beadmaking workshops.






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