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Volume 10 No. 4 1987

Ornament Magazine Cover Volume 13 No. 4

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1987 Baltimore Crafts Show So Big But Not So Fine. Vanity to Valour The Complex Motivations for Personal Adornment. Portable Treasures The Jewelry of Judith Ubick. Beyond Hardware Jewelry for a Brave New World. Jacopo Franchini Miniature Portraits in Glass. A Basic Palette The Fine Jewelry of Jan Yager. India, Idar-Oberstein and Czechoslovakia Imitators and Competitors. Clothing, A Selection from Past Issues A Tenth Anniversary Celebration. Saudi Arabian Ring-Shaped Silver Pendants. Bead Report The Shell Bead Conference. Identification Degradation. New Work Paul├ętta Brooks.





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Nubian Jewelry

Kate Mensah

Philadelphia Craft Show


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