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Volume 18 No. 1 1994

Ornament Magazine Cover Volume 18 No. 1

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Tomás Vega Silversmith Maestro. Michael Kane and Steve Sells An Evolving Palette. Contemporary American Brooches. Judith Content Tactile Impressions. Ornament in Chicago. Master Class with Molly Vaughan-Haskins Kiln-Formed Glass Beadmaking. Gallery Showcase Art and Soul. Exhibition Beaded Splendor. Exhibition Riches from Rags. Exhibition Empires Beyond the Great Wall. Jewelry Arts Baroque Splendor. Artist Statement Susan Nutter. Artist Statement Betty Helen Longhi. Museum News State Historical and Art Museum. Bazaar Marketplace: Handwork of India. Nature’s Arts Job’s Tears. Wholesale to the Trade Anahita Gallery. Bead Report Bontoc Beads and Ornaments.





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Nubian Jewelry

Kate Mensah

Philadelphia Craft Show


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