carol-webb-copper-and-silver-beads CAROL WEBB. Appearing elegantly simple, Webb's metal beads actually involve a great deal of technique. Copper and either fine or sterling silver are eutectically bonded, sometimes involving three layers, such as the bead of copper over twenty-two karat gold which is over sterling silver (left bead 1.6 cm diameter). The designs are photo-etched; then the bead halves are domed, soldered and finished with sand-blasting. All perforations are sleeved, like ojime. Center bead is copper over fine silver, 2.2 cm diameter. Most metal beads now on the market involving handwork are foreign-made.


CAY DICKEY. Known for her baroque dichroic beads, Dickey started making glass beads before many of those currently working in the field. The knobbed bead is 1.65 cm high.

DOYLE LANE. These low-fired ceramic beads are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and glazes, with the crackle, crawled and double glazes especially attractive, 2.4 - 3.4 cm diameter. Lane’s beads express an appealing quality about glazed ceramics, the effect akin to wearing miniature pots. Courtesy of Doyle Lane.

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