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THE SCHMUCK MUSEUM IN PFORZHEIM hosts Serpentina: The Snake in Jewellery Around the World, showing from November 26, 2011 through February 26, 2012. Sin and temptation, cunning and slyness, death and disaster on the one hand as well as eternity and renewal, protection and healing power on the other: the symbolic meanings of the snake are many and quite varied. The creature has fascinated humans at all times and in all cultures and inspired the creation of exquisite works of art—including pieces of jewelry. Compiling a variety of dispays illustrating the theme, the exhibition covers the entire spectrum of snakes in jewelry, with approximately one hundred twenty pieces from various epochs and countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. Shown are bracelet with snake head terminals, Two Snake Diadem and Pectorale Snakes by René Lalique. Jahnstrasse 42, Pforzheim d-75173, Germany; 49.0.7231.39.21.26;


BERKELEY ARTISANS hosts its twenty-first annual Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios from November 26 – 27, and December 3 – 4. Over one hundred artists and craftspeople at studios, workshops and galleries in Berkeley, California, open their doors to the public. Fine art and craft will be shown, including blown glass, functional and decorative ceramics, ornaments, lamps and lighting, furniture, garden art, floor cloths, one-of-a-kind clothing, textiles, jewelry, leather bags, recycled art, sculpture, photography, paintings, mosaics, stained glass, musical instruments, artisan food products, and naturally made wines. The Holiday Open Studios event was started by clothing designer Carol Lee Shanks and jewelry artist Susan Brooks.


THE CRAFT AND FOLK ART MUSEUM’s archives (1965 – 1997), a collection of papers and memorabilia documenting thirty-two years of the exhibition of and programming concerning contemporary craft, design, vernacular architecture, and international folk art was donated to UCLA Library Special Collections when the Museum closed temporarily at the end of 1997. After fourteen years, the processing of this large institutional record has been completed and a searchable finding aid is available. Access to the finding aid is on the Online Archives of California website and is free to everyone.


THE PASADENA BEAD AND DESIGN SHOW presents its 2012 show from January 12 – 15. Three hundred exhibitors will display handmade, artistic, vintage and antique beads, jewelry, gemstones, art clothing, and designer components. Various workshops and classes will also be available to attendees. Suzi Click’s popular workshop, How to Develop Your Style with Artisan Apparel and Accessories, takes place Friday night with a “still” fashion show of mannequins dressed in the clothing and jewelry of featured artists accompanied by a panel discussing how they put their look together. The Bead and Design Show takes place at the Hilton Pasadena.


THE SAN DIEGO VISUAL ARTS NETWORK’s community project DNA of Creativity encourages participants to register until November. The objective is fusing the energies of art and science. Teams of artists and scientists will collaborate over an eighteen-month period starting in 2012 to explore a concept that incorporates both disciplines. The projects may take the form of artworks, publishable papers, photographs, film, music score, performance, theater piece, or a documented research experiment, among others. Applications for projects are due in March 2012. For more information visit


THE SAN FRANCISCO ARTS OF PACIFIC ASIA SHOW and the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show will take place from February 3 – 5 and February 10 – 12, 2012, respectively, at the Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion. Notable pieces that will be featured at the the shows include a nineteenth-century antique Indian gold necklace from Rajasthan, Northwest India; an eleventh-century Chinese glass with coral necklace, and silver bracelets from Borneo Island. These events offer visitors an opportunity for visitors to view and purchase rare, unique and high-quality ethnographic jewelry from around the world.


THE WEARABLE ART CONNECTION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA hosts a twenty-year retrospective of the organization, founded in 1991, at the Road to California Conference and Showcase. Displaying selected one-of-a-kind art to wear by members, the exhibit takes place January 19 – 22, 2012, at the Ontario Convention Center.


THE AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL hosts its Baltimore show from February 24 - 26, 2012. More than seven hundred exhibitors in contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture and home décor will be in attendance. The show will have several highlights, such as Green Craft, a category featuring artists who incorporate recycled or found materials and use eco-friendly techniques in creating their work. Also, the School to Market program helps bridge the gap between educational programs and the marketplace for sculptural and functional craft. Craft students from California College of the Arts have been invited to curate a section of their work. Students will gain first-hand experience in booth design, installation, and interacting with the public. There will also be lectures and a demo stage, with demonstrations ranging from ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry, and wood techniques, presented by local experts.


THE SOCIETY OF ARTS AND CRAFTS hosts its Craftboston Holiday show from December 9 - 11. Craftboston Holiday features ninety craft artists showcasing work in basketry, ceramics, decorative fiber, art-to-wear, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, and wood.


CRAFTNEWYORK in conjunction with the Craft Emergency Relief Fund takes place March 30 through April 1, 2012 at 7W New York. The second annual exhibit and sale is a must see for anyone interested in American craft, and will feature one hundred twenty internationally renowned artists producing one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. Net profits from admission to CraftNEWYORK will benefit CERF+.


THE WORLD SHIBORI NETWORK stages its eighth International Shibori Symposium in Hong Kong from December 28, 2011 to January 2, 2012. The theme, Technology Shaped By Creativity, reflects the innovative artistic approaches toward traditional shaped-resist textile techniques that will be explored during the six-day gathering. Highlights will include metalizing of textiles, imaginative use of animal fibers, extreme textiles, fashion creations, natural colors and dyes, tannin and polymerization, and much more.,


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