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From our earliest moments as conscious spirits, life has been an infinite celebration of the divine residing in each of us, of making something from nothing, with tools fashioned by mind, heart and hand. We turn our attention to the new year of 2012 with this appreciation held close to our own mind, heart and hand as we present our gift to you—an Ornament that continues to respond to and fulfill our personal and professional mission to educate, inform and inspire. We invite you to add your vision to ours, as together we reach for our higher and better qualities of making planet Earth a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful, and a little bit better.

David Updike writes of Philadelphia jeweler Michael Manthey in Heavy Metal Alchemist—Manthey says: “I believe art is the safe in which you manage to keep your soul. If I were the last person on earth, I would probably continue making jewelry and hanging it in the trees around me. That’s the kind of fool I am.” If Manthey is truly a fool, then we need many, many more like him to enrich our lives.

Patty Grazini is a Seattle artist with a passion for paper which she turns into extraordinary costumes for her creatures, and we thought her unique form of costuming should be included in Ornament. Author Robin Updike was enchanted by Grazini’s figures and in the interview Grazini illuminated part of why animals are primary to her work. “I think that when we look at a human face, there is some sort of interaction that goes on. Some faces are so dear and appealing, and some aren’t. But I don’t think that happens when we look at animals,” she says.

In Glen Brown’s article Nature Refined on Kansas jeweler Heather Bayless, he considers how “the recovery of a naïve vision—a perspective on nature that hearkens back to the simplicity of childhood and the raw experience of early humankind—is today perhaps a greater artistic challenge than at any time since the Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge discerned the ‘character and privilege of genius’ is an ability to reinvest the world of daily experience with ‘the child’s sense of wonder and novelty.’ ”

Ashley Callahan reports on the viewpoint of North Carolina jeweler Joanna Gollberg in An Unsentimental View of Jewelry. In a discussion about the art jewelry world, Gollberg says: “There is a movement that is going to happen, I know it, where people are going to focus on making as a business, or a lot of people aren’t going to be able to make anymore.” She is committed to the concept that “the more jewelry you sell, the more jewelry you can make.”

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell takes on Paris fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier in From Street to Chic. “Thirty-five years,” she writes, “is a long time to be an enfant terrible. Though he will turn sixty in April, Jean Paul Gaultier’s childlike humor and naughtiness has never been diminished—or duplicated.” Evidently so, because a rather notable, celebrated exhibition of Gaultier is now touring, extending into 2013 at major museums throughout the world.

Thank you for being part of our Ornament world, and let us keep moving forward, together. Welcome to another new second, minute, hour, a new day, a new year, continuing the cycle of life, to be embraced and loved.


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