Letters From Our Readers 37.2


your wonderful publication


I am writing to thank you for the feature article you published on my work in Vol. 37, No. 1. My story is well and faithfully told by Carl Little, the layout and design choices are truly grand, and to see my little book on the cover, expertly shot by Robert Diamante, is a delight beyond description.

I first saw Ornament in 1991 when I was brand spanking new to jewelrymaking. Although uneducated in the field, I was determined to create something worthwhile by combining polymer clay with the bits and parts of ethnic jewelry and chain I had collected, with more enthusiasm than authority, in my travels.  

While rummaging through boxes of broken jewelry in the basement of an eccentric little store in Woodstock, Vermont, the owner gave me a copy of Ornament. Imagine for a minute: I knew very little about jewelry and next to nothing about crafts and until that moment had been relatively isolated with my ideas. I went home with the magazine, read it through, and in doing so I entered an entire world, a community. Not only did it cover the rich diversity of gifts in the craft community with a sensibility I admired but it offered so much more context and criticism (both of which I needed). The knowledge that there was already a devoted following of these extraordinary objects, a community within my reach, was the first real awakening in my current path.  

That twenty-three years later I should see myself featured in this splendid publication is a deeply personal and meaningful event to me; one which I am very grateful to share with my world.  


Celie Fago
Bethel, Vermont





a good home for ornament

My friend has a huge collection of Ornament, going back to the beginning. She wants them to go to a good place. Do you have a recommendation? I do too but I am still loving all of them.


Irene Patton

St. John, US Virgin Islands



Thank you for wanting to see Ornament continue to be a resource and inspiration for others. What to do with our collections becomes a concern particularly as we age and think about simplifying our lives. We recommend contacting local libraries and museums or organizations with libraries for their members: jewelry and metals, textiles, and bead societies.  





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