Letters From Our Readers 34.2

The Animal Outside Us All

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Animal Outside Us All by Patrick R. Benesh-Liu [Volume 33, No. 5]. The costumes are beautiful, the craft is one I have never read about before, and the portraits of the artists and the furry culture were well-done and fascinating. The photographs were wonderful, too, capturing both the extraordinary craft and spirit of the costumes.

I have read Ornament for many years and have always deeply appreciated this wonderful publication. I am very delighted that Patrick is expanding the scope of coverage to new and wonderful crafts. Thanks so much for your dedication and talents.

Linda Lou Kelley
Arlington, Virginia




Eagerly Awaiting Its Arrival

What a thrill and honor it is to have an article about my work in Ornament [Volume 34, No. 1]. Ornament magazine was one of the first subscriptions I bought as a young student. I eagerly awaited its arrival on many occasions. I never dreamed that one day my work would make an appearance in the magazine. Thank you so much.

Mary Hallam Pearse
Assistant Professor Jewelry/Metals
Lamar Dodd School of Art
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia




Signs of Life

You are wonderful! I just received Ornament and immediately read Robin Updike’s review of Signs of Life [Volume 34, No. 1]. Yes! It is exceptional and she captured the show. Her writing is beautiful. The layout is outstanding. Thank you.

Karen Lorene
Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery
Seattle, Washington



Connecting Us to Mother Earth

I wept when I read your tribute to your Mother—and my tears flow with every successive reading. I know my time will come, and I know that I will be reading this again when that happens, because I feel like the loss of our mothers is like losing the feet that connect us to Mother Earth. I just want to commend and thank you for revealing such intimate feelings with such poetic beauty.

Lynne Merchant
Rancho Santa Fe, California


After our Postscript From the Editors [Volume 33, No. 5] which expressed Carolyn’s feelings about the passing of her mother, Kathryn Macut Benesh, we received many considerate and sensitive condolences. Our appreciation is boundless to those who reached out to us and we are profoundly grateful and thankful.




An Appreciation and Thanks

We would like to thank you for highlighting the exhibition of Joyce Scott at Mobilia Gallery [News: Volume 34, No. 1]. We would also like to thank you for your superb magazine. We appreciate all of your efforts and talent in putting together a superb magazine. The arts community is fortunate to have you as an advocate for the arts.

Libby and Jo Anne Cooper
Mobilia Gallery
Cambridge, Massachusetts




Jewelers for the Gulf

Jewelers for the Gulf raised close to five thousand dollars to feed the families of Louisiana directly affected by the BP Oil Spill. Chris Hierholzer and I, Patsy Croft, with the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, thank you, the wonderful people at Ornament for your help getting the word out, and the artists who donated a jewel to make this possible. Many thanks.

Patsy Croft
Orange Beach, Alabama




Giving Myself a Treat

I treasure my collection of Ornament and give myself a treat occasionally by spending an afternoon going through some back issues. I was widowed very suddenly at age sixty and love looking at, and reading about, the beautiful things in your magazine. Ornament lifts my spirits (my original subscription was a gift from my husband). All the very best and congratulations on a splendid publication.

Barbara Meintjes
Sydney, Australia




A Flowing and Cohesive Whole

Jill A. DeDominicis did a wonderful job with my article [cover feature, Volume 33, No. 4]—weaving all my artistic twists and turns, my personal life, and my teaching life into a flowing and cohesive whole. I am grateful to have that complete picture recorded and to have had it done by such a fine and thorough writer. The whole issue is packed with interesting reading.

Helen Shirk
La Mesa, California





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