Letters From Our Readers 34.3

Moved to Write

The latest issue of Ornament [Vol. 34, No. 2] is spectacular: from the lovely cover to the stimulating mix of articles—including Diana Pardue’s wonderful piece on the deeply talented Navajo-Hopi jeweler, Jesse Monongye. I thought this was a particularly terrific issue. I am moved to write you after all these years of being a subscriber for several reasons, but, primarily, to publicly thank you and your staff for continuing to produce Ornament—a publication of depth, beauty, quality, and breadth of information. I believe that you are unique in your mission of presenting scholarly information about adornment in such an artistic format while simultaneously making it all accessible to the general public. Since discovering The Bead Journal in 1974 (the original name of Ornament) and becoming one of the earliest subscribers, I continue to look forward to every issue. I always learn something new while being introduced to gifted artists in a variety of disciplines. As I an author and curator of museum exhibitions, Ornament is always a vital resource for both research and fact checking. Finally, I am deeply appreciative of how many of us you have helped by providing coverage of events and exposure to the work. Again, thank you for what I know is an increasingly difficult responsibility in these turbulent times in the publishing world.


Lois Sherr Dubin

New York, New York




An Uplifting Read

I received my copy of Ornament [Vol. 34, No. 2] yesterday and the magazine looks lovely. I especially love the Christina Kim/Dosa story. I have never seen this artist’s clothing, but I am making a note to track it down. These stories really are inspiring, especially at times like this, after the horrors of Arizona and the idiocy and hypocrisy that seems to doom so much of what we do as a nation. Thanks for the most uplifting piece I have read in a while.


Robin Updike

Seattle, Washington




A Lovely Connection


I love your magazine and will be renewing my subscription shortly. Thank you for putting out a great publication each and every issue. I especially loved the Randall Darwall and Brian Murphy article [Vol. 34, No. 2] because I bought that lovely quilt shawl his little model had on in the photograph, at the ACC San Francisco show. It was so nice to see it in the magazine.


Joann Kiehn

Pacific Grove, California



A Special Thank You


I am so honored to be the cover story in the recent issue of Ornament Magazine [Vol. 34, No. 2]. My special appreciation goes to art historian Glen Brown who weaves together my story and process with such literary skill and grace. The design and layout is stunning and so complementary to my jewelry pieces. I feel thoroughly pleased with the way my work is portrayed. It was such a joy to work with the staff. A special thank you to Ornament, which for over thirty-six years, continues to support artists and highlight crafts.


Judith Kinghorn

Minneapolis, Minnesota




Well Researched and Relevant

Twenty years of reading Ornament Magazine and it is still amazing! The cover of the current issue [Vol. 34, No. 2] is just stunning: again. I do not know how the editors keep finding more fabulous artists. Recently I was researching glass marble beads; I found many of the answers to my questions in a winter 2000 issue of Ornament. The magazine is well researched and even past issues remain relevant today. I appreciate Ornament’s long-standing support of my work as well as its generous nurturing of the glass beadmaking community. Please continue to amaze and inspire all of us.


Heather Trimlett

El Cajon, California




A Definitive Resource

Three years ago I found myself with a chunk of vacation time and my husband generously suggested that I take a jewelry class. So I started to look locally in Canada, then the East Coast (Haystack, RISD, et cetera) and eventually decided on the Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Design. I grew up in Arizona so a Taos, New Mexico, location for a course sounded wonderful. However, I kept bumping into the advertisements in Ornament for Idyllwild School Summer Arts Program. I checked them out and took the Hopi Overlay class with Michael Kabotie. It was a fabulous, creative, nurturing experience. So much so, that last year I took Richard Tsosie’s Navajo Inlay course. Again I just loved it. The good news is that this year I am going to take Marilynn Nicholson’s course in Stone Setting, Basic Soldering and Lapidary. Finally going to Taos. I can hardly wait. The course starts in nine weeks but who is counting! Your magazine has been a valuable tool for me to use in order to enhance my jewelry skills.


Jeannine Rosenberg

Udora, Ontario, Canada





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