Letters From Our Readers 34.5

Continuous Joy

I continue to enjoy each issue of Ornament. It is the highlight of my day when it arrives in my mailbox and has first priority when next I have an opportunity to read. Economically, we have gone through some lean times in the past couple years, and most artists and those supporting the arts have been affected. But, there are certain things I will not give up, and that is my subscription to Ornament.


Laura Fisher-Bonvallet

Oneida, Wisconsin



Over the Moon

I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have been included in your magazine [Vol. 34, No. 3]. I had taken out an advertisement for the Smithsonian Craft Show so I already knew that I would be in the magazine but then when my work was included in the article about the show by Patrick R. Benesh-Liu, I was over the moon. I have read your beautiful magazine for many, many years. When I was able to afford a subscription I got one, when I could not, I would check them out at the local public library. It is a magazine that does not get thrown away and I have copies that are over twenty years old. I pull them out for information and inspiration. I don’t know if I am more thrilled about the Smithsonian Craft Show or about being included in your magazine! I am so honored to be in it and just thought that you should know that you have brought such joy to me in this very exciting and busy time in my career.


Kathleen Nowak Tucci

Atmore, Alabama



A Marvelous Issue


What a marvelous issue [Vol 34, No. 4], perfect in every respect from choice of subjects to the writing of the pieces. I especially single out Glen Brown’s writing on Linda Threadgill. Even Carter Smith’s advertisement is looking better! I very much appreciate what you have given us.


Marianne Mitchell

Wimberley, Texas



The Gold Standard


We are excited to be moving forward with more advertisements in Ornament. We had several customers at J.O.G.S. Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show say they have seen our work before. When we asked where, they often said: “I saw you in Ornament Magazine.” So … Ornament is still the gold standard.


Carol Ryerson

Urban Organic Designs

Upland, California



Your Generosity


Many thanks for your donation of issues of Ornament to the Surface Design Association. Our conference was a resounding success, and our participants were very pleased with their conference bags and contents. Your generosity certainly enhanced an inspirational experience, and made it possible for our members to carry some of that inspiration home with them!


Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker

Surface Design Association

Sebastopol, California




A Pleasure from Start to Finish


The article in Ornament [Vol. 34, No. 4] written by Tamara W. Hill on Cristóbal Balenciaga, Fashion as Refined Art, was a pleasure to read from start to finish, thanks to a consistently scholarly tone.Ms. Hill’s writing is so well informed, so erudite, yet so easy to read that it stands out as one of the best articles I have read in a long time.


Ann Price

San Francisco, California



Catching Up


I am always months behind in reading, and usually sharing, my subscription. Having been an admirer of furry culture, and a slightly regretful artist manque born decades before the anthro artists showcasing their talent on the art site deviantART and elsewhere, I was thrilled to see the colorful and well-done article in a recent issue of Ornament [Vol. 33, No. 5].

Your work is especially significant given some of the reader comments that show how many people are ignorant of this global phenomenon. While my personal interests mostly revolve around ethnographic jewelry, especially beads, I enjoy various modern arts. Maybe you will do a piece on ball-jointed dolls?

I am also enjoying Vol. 34, No. 4 with articles on Huichol arts, chenille and polymer clay. I have to say that no survey of creative ornamental polymer clay would be complete without mention of Luann Udell and her work.


Elizabeth R. Apgar Triano

Patterson, New York



The Best of the Best


I love Ornament and have been subscribing for many years. As a studio jeweler I enjoy seeing what the “best of the best” are doing. I also enjoy seeing inspiring work in other media. Keep up the excellent work.


Barbara Mullally

Clayton, Ontario, Canada




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