Letters From Our Readers 35.1


Already Hooked

I received the first issue of my new subscription to Ornament, and it is wonderful! I appreciate the most informative and interesting articles on clothing to jewelry. You add a great deal to my enjoyment of all things artistic!


Marta Hubbard

Eugene, Oregon



Issue After Issue

I just looked through my new issue of Ornament [Vol. 34, No. 5]. You continue to amaze, inform and entertain me! Thank you (all of you) for putting out so much ... energy, thought, beauty, diversity, and respect for humanity, issue after issue.


Marianne Hunter

Palos Verdes, California



Thrilled Beyond Imagination


You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to receive the latest issue of Ornament [Vol. 34, No. 5]. I have been in a wheelchair for the past two years, and my love of crafts, beads and fashion have pulled me through. Thanks to you, I started making jewelry, and actually have sold quite a few pieces. Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration that you have given me.


Anne Marie Moses

Los Angeles, California




All That and More


What a wonderful issue Vol. 34, No. 5 is! Loved many of the articles, Rachel Carren, K. Riley, Stephen Myhre (love the sewing machine rig), the advertisement on the back cover, all of the above and more. My husband was equally impressed by the issue. I have been a subscriber for many years, and never ever throw out or give away an issue.


Noralie Katsu

Mount Airy, Maryland



Lots of Love


I loved this issue [Vol. 34, No. 5] ... Who am I kidding—I love them all!


Laurie LaBar

Richmond, Maine



Sincere Thanks


I am so thrilled at how beautiful the article on my work appears in your recent issue [Vol. 34, No. 5]. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your efforts and was pleasantly surprised at the choice of images. Robin Updike was so complimentary that it was verging on science fiction! Thank you for including me in your magazine once again.


Nadine Kariya

Seattle, Washington



Amazing Talents


I love the article Patrick R. Benesh-Liu wrote about my work in your recent issue [Vol. 34, No. 5]. Thanks to Patrick for his thoughtful, intelligent response to our interview; he did a wonderful job. His talents amaze me.


K. Riley

Havertown, Pennsylvania



Print is Here to Stay


I would like to say that I am very appreciative of all your efforts with Ornament over the years. It is a spectacular magazine and always extremely enjoyable and best of all, just full of inspiration. I would never think of doing without Ornament. I am really sad to hear that some of the other magazines are no longer around.

To all the people who say that books, magazines, bookstores, and libraries are a thing of the past—what do they know? There is nothing like being able to browse through a bookstore or library and physically flip the pages and hold so much wonder, joy and information in your hands. No, an electronic book is just not the same.

Thank you for every bit of joy that you bring into my studio!


Karen Cazel

Summerdale, Alabama



A Disappointing Oversight


This is in response to your article “Polymer Clay, A Modern Medium Comes of Age” [Vol. 34, No. 4]. Purporting to be a short history of polymer clay, I am frankly outraged to find that no mention was made of Judith Skinner, whose innovative Skinner Blend is one of the—if not the—most important techniques in the development of the medium.

Ms. DeDominicis obviously has no knowledge of polymer clay outside of major articles that have been published in your magazine; perhaps the title of her article should have been worded to reflect this.

I think you owe Ms. Skinner, as well as your readers, an apology.


Bonnie Cheuvront

Houston, Texas


Jill A. DeDominicis replies: Thank you for your feedback and reflection on this article. It was a challenge and pleasure to work on, and it was certainly never my intention that this brief overview be taken as a complete, thorough history of such a diverse medium as polymer clay. It is true the article specifically highlights certain aspects of Ornament’s coverage of polymer artists over the years, to demonstrate our longstanding, ongoing support for this material, which we feel has been an exciting and important addition to the world of personal adornment. There are many other important polymer practitioners—artists and pioneers like Judith Skinner and Donna Kato among them—who have helped pave the way for those working in polymer. There simply was not enough space to cover every artist and innovation, and we suggested a multitude of additional resources, including Elise Winters’s informational Polymer Art Archive website, for those interested in learning more about the medium.



Captivating Format


Just finished reading my just received email announcing the new issue of Ornament. Either I have not been paying attention or this is a new format. I really like it. And, plenty of opportunities for people to subscribe. Generally I do not have the time to really read my mail in the morning, but this was compelling.


Steve Cantrell

Santa Fe, New Mexico



Nourishing the Creative Soul


Not only does Ornament offer mind-blowing jewelry, but it also has fashion, bead and jewelry history, and more. Ornament is a delight to the eye and the creative soul!


Lana Denison

Napa, California

via Facebook



Greetings from Germany


I am a loyal subscriber for years and I love, love, love the magazine ... Each issue is filled with terrific photos and wonderful inspirations. I like to read about modern artists, learn about fiber arts (I find a lot of inspiration there, I myself am a jewelry polymer clay artist) and information about ancient and ethnic beads. Cannot wait to get the newest issue. Keep up your good work!


Margit Böhmer

Gera, Germany

via Facebook



Broaden the Horizons


Love this issue [Vol. 34, No. 5]. Would love to see the occasional article on a Canadian designer. Allow me to suggest the work of Barbara Cohen, as featured in several of the Lark publishing 500 series. Her designs are intellectually sophisticated, rich in imagery and extremely well crafted.


Juliet Kemble / Giulietta Designs

North Vancouver, British Columbia

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