Letters From Our Readers 35.2


A Welcome Focus

We were so pleased to read the article in your latest issue [Volume 35, No. 1]. The visuals, the text, the layout were all superb! Thank you so much for featuring us and for a welcome focus on the beauty of handwoven textiles. We are honored to be included in a publication that continues to promote the work and lives of diverse, distinguished artisans around the globe.


Cecilia Frittelli

Richard Lockwood

Saratoga Springs, New York



Sense and Spirit

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful article about my work that appears in the latest issue of Ornament [Volume 35, No. 1]. You did a great job at presenting my work and author Leslie Clark eloquently conveyed the sense and the spirit behind my jewelrymaking. Thank you again so much!


Emanuela Aureli

Santa Fe, New Mexico



The Sweetness of Life


Thank you so much for your recent subscription offer. Pinching pennies, well, it gets tiring. This subscription renewal is a big splurge and from my heart I thank you very much! Your magazine is a bright spot in a dreary-appearing economy. Thank you for keeping a part of the sweetness in life alive! It restores the soul to see bright creativity on every page of your magazine. Keep up the great work!


Karen Moriwaki

Citrus Heights, California


Thank you very much for choosing to support Ornament in your subscription renewal. We appreciate that as a consumer in a tight economy, you see the value in the creativity and beauty that Ornament brings with each issue.




The Best Distraction


You have greatly affected my efforts to clean house! It is the end of the year, my shows are over and I have a little time for domesticity. I am trying to lower the piles and piles of magazines and papers
I have saved all year. I have made some new, organized piles, but instead of going forward with this project, I am reading old issues of Ornament!! Oh well, we should all take pleasure where we find it, when we find it! Thank you for all the pleasure you have brought to me and so many others!


Marianne Hunter

Palos Verdes, California



From Our Facebook Friends


So beautiful!

Quyhuong Nghiem


Loving the new issue!

Silver Blue & Gold Gallery


I am a long time subscriber to Ornament. Every issue brings new inspiration to me. Someday, I would love to submit an artist statement. I do beadwork and fiber arts.


Emily Morris Davlin


Thank you for the kind words. We are always looking for fresh talent, and welcome artists to submit artist statements and images for editorial review to us at editorial@ornamentmagazine.com.





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