Letters From Our Readers 35.3


Wonderful Exposure

On behalf of the Durango Arts Center, I would like to thank you for the coverage we received [Vol. 35, No. 2]. For a small organization, we are very excited to be holding an exhibit of this caliber, and by appearing in Ornament Magazine, we hope to attract visitors from outside the state. With your wonderful exposure, I know we will be successful.


Jennifer Vierling

Durango, Colorado



A Disappointment

My Ornament Magazine [Vol. 35, No. 2] was in my mailbox today, Saturday, January 14th. I was disappointed to see that I have missed two PBS shows Jan 5 and 12th. This is not the first time that Ornament features exhibits, programs or other dates that have already passed. This is very disappointing indeed and takes away from the otherwise fine quality of your publication.


Karen Dyer

La Jolla, California


The program to which you are referring in News is a Korean television program (KPS 1TV), not shown in the United States. It is a very interesting bead project which we wanted to share with our readers, like you. A reread shows there really could have been better clarity to the notice, so that it would not be subject to misinterpretation. We will work even more diligently to better serve our readership with the information and documentation that is part of Ornament’s mission. Please accept our apology. In our exhibitions and news, we strive for making our reportage as timely as possible, within the confines of a publication that is issued five times per year. But there are some exhibitions and news that we feel our readers should be appraised of because of their importance, even though the actual timeliness has passed.Thank you for contacting us and addressing your concerns; it shows that you care that the standard of Ornament’s editorial bar is kept high.



Proud to be Included


I want to thank you for the beautiful article about my work [Vol. 35, No. 2]; I am very proud to be featured in the magazine. The layout looks wonderful, too, the simplicity complements the detailed patterns in my pieces very well.


Heather Bayless

Manhattan, Kansas




An Interesting Issue


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your comments at the end of a recent issue [Vol 35, No. 1]. And I loved learning about pearls. It was a very interesting issue on the whole. The events section is very helpful as I travel, I learn where to go and what to see!!


Micki Lippe

Seattle, Washington



From Our Facebook Friends


The quality and care you put into Ornament Magazine has been consistently superior since your first issue. Which I still have, all these years later. Please keep up the wonderful work you do to inspire both budding and already established artists. You do it with an eye for the wonderful!


Barbara Lanci


When we receive comments like yours, we sail through the day. We work each day to make sure that the Ornament subscriber receives the very best in editorial, visual and advertising content that we can provide. If you think of Ornament as a lifelong learning and aesthetic experience then we are succeeding in our mission. Thank you for sharing the journey with us for so many years.


Regarding our Joanna Gollberg post: The work is so animated, so full of life! Art of Greenwood


Regarding our Michael Manthey post: Wow! Very cool! Emie Stewart





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Ornament welcomes comments from our readers on all topics regarding personal adornment. Published letters may be edited for brevity. On all emails and posted letters please provide your first and last name, city, state or country. Write to P. O. Box 2349, San Marcos, CA 92079-2349; send fax to 760.599.0228; or email message to ornament@ornamentmagazine.com.





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