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From our Facebook Friends

I loved this issue, Vol. 35.3, and was especially taken by Juanita Girardin’s use of sashiko. I gave instructions for a traditional Japanese pattern in the Folkwear Kimono pattern and have always loved the usefulness of running stitches. Girardin expands the horizons wonderfully. Also, the menswear look by Frittelli and Lockwood on page fifty-two knocked me out. I hope men start dressing like that.


Alexandra (Jacopetti) Hart



We just had a call recently from one of your subscribers who wants to buy a necktie like the one pictured in the Smithsonian Craft Show article, Vol 35.3. We have had a great response from it.


Cecilia Frittelli



About Our New Digital Edition

Hello from Scotland, I am a print subscriber but would love to read Ornament on iPad. I cannot seem to work out how to do this, can you help? Many thanks for keeping me in touch with all that is beautiful around the world.


Melanie Muir



I love Ornament and the digital edition, but I cannot find out how to save the edition on my computer or iPad.


Barbara Collins


Thank you for your very kind comments. To save your digital edition to your computer, iPad or other device, simply click on the “download a pdf” button in the upper right corner of the digital issue browser.


I am so thrilled Ornament is going digital. I have been a subscriber to Ornament forever. Currently I find myself moving out of the country for a while, and mail is just not an option. Now I will never have to worry about missing a single issue of Ornament. Congratulations and thanks.


Carol Huntington



I am really enjoying my new digital edition of Ornament magazine. The article on Mary Lee Hu is fantastic.


Diana Kirkpatrick



I have enjoyed reading Ornament magazine for many years. And now I am really enjoying my new digital edition.


Goli Hendriks



I used to have a paper subscription and I am thrilled to discover you have gone digital. It is cheaper and more quickly received for someone living in France.


Claire Bangma



You have made my day. I hope the magazine lives on for decades. From a happy customer.


Gladys Wilson



I love Ornament magazine and treasure every issue. However, I like seeing it on magazine paper, and I love sharing it with friends. We have a good time looking at the new artpieces together. The magazine looks so much better than the PDF version I can download. I want to continue getting my paper copies of this fabulous magazine.


Susan A. Wiener



Thank you for the digital copy, but I must confess, as a child of the 1960s, I am happier diving into the print version. The photographs in the print version are so wonderful, no screen can do them justice. Yours is one of the few magazines I read cover to cover every issue. Although my primary interest is beads, I enjoy all the articles. I plugged the current issue, Vol 35.3, to the Dallas Bead Society for the article on polymer, including the wonderful picture of beads. Thank you so much for Ornament.


Michele Owsley



I really hope you keep printing the magazine. I love your magazine in print.


Vicki Kataja



I have a smartphone and I can appreciate that a digital version of Ornament magazine offers an optional experience and convenience to the hard copy. I know that I am out of sync with the times and old fashioned, but I prefer the feel and smell of good quality paper. Ornament is a work of art in itself. I miss that online. But, it is still very beautiful.


Julie Kemble



Thanks to everyone who wrote in support of the print version of Ornament. Do not worry, our printed version is not going anywhere. The digital edition is an added bonus for Ornament subscribers; and the good news is you do not have to choose—as a print subscriber you can enjoy both! Going digital provides a convenience factor to many of our readers and we feel it is a good portrayal of the quality we strive for in our print version of Ornament. Digital-only subscriptions are also available now at a discounted price.




New Jewelry in a New Medium Clarification


I was thrilled to see the comprehensive coverage on polymer in this most recent issue of Ornament, Vol. 35.3. Thanks so much for providing insight to the exhibition at the Mingei—a wonderful compensation for not being able to see the show in person. With regards to the Terra Nova show, I hope that you will write a clarification. The first paragraph of your article seems to make a special point to say that Rachel Carren’s work was not on display in the Terra Nova show. In fact several pieces of Rachel Carren’s work were presented in that show and some of that work also appears in the Terra Nova book. The Racine Art Museum and I also appreciate the space and the wonderful review of Terra Nova, the book.


Elise Winters Haworth,

New Jersey



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon rereading the text, we see how the placement of that comment is misleading. We rather meant to note that Rachel Carren’s work was missing from the Mingei exhibition. Her presence in Terra Nova, both the exhibition and catalog, was well-deserved.





Wonderful Opportunity


I just received my copy of Ornament, Vol. 35.3, and I want to thank you for the beautiful article. I was really touched by the description of the character of my work, and by the length of the article. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.


Emanuela Duca

New York, New York




A Little of My Life


I would like to thank Ornament for including me in the magazine. It is an honor and pleasure to be part of this issue, Vol. 35.3. I think that Ashley Callahan did a great job in capturing a little of my life. I would also like to thank all the studio assistants who have helped me get to this point in my life. It was a bonus to be featured alongside my dear and longtime friend, Mary Lee Hu, as well as many other artists in your fine magazine.


Jim Cotter

Vail, Colorado




Sparking Interest


The Ornament article on Texas Tech, Vol 35.3, is awesome.Thank you for the copies that you have sent us. I am personally taking a copy to our dean tomorrow. We have heard from alumni across the country and have people interested in our program. Thank you so much for the kind words and great photography.


Robley Glover

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX




Smithsonian Jury Process Clarification


The first paragraph of the 2012 Smithsonian Craft Show article, Vol 35.3, gives the impression that the Smithsonian Women’s Committee has a hand in selecting the artists who get in the show and that the award winners get invited to be in the show, which is not the case. All artists, award winner or not, have to apply every year and be juried by a panel of three jurors. The committee does not in any shape or form influence the jury process. It happens that award winners from previous years get lucky and they get juried back into the show the following year.


Heidi Austreng

Smithsonian Craft Show

Washington, D.C.


We appreciate your amplification of the jury process for the Smithsonian Craft Show, and have taken note of this important distinction. We took immediate steps to make this correction on our digital edition and website versions of this article. Please look for our annual presentation of your wonderful craft show in 2013.




A Welcome Invitation


Over the weekend I received the copies you sent of Ornament and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the article on my work. Thank you for inviting me to take part in the inaugural Questions/Answers section. It is a nice coincidence that in the same issue there is also an article on my alma mater, Texas Tech, and their amazing new state of the art jewelry facilities.


Chris Irick Utica,

New York




A Gorgeous Issue


What a gorgeous issue, Vol. 35.3. Thank you for your cover feature of Mary Lee Hu’s amazing work and for all the other great articles. The jewelry world would not be the same without Ornament.


Tanja Baumann

Bellevue Arts Museum

Bellevue, Washington




Kind Donation


Thank you so much for the donation of Ornament magazines for distribution at our retreat. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Thank you for helping to make it possible. Cheryl Rains Central OK Polymer Clay Guild Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Thank you so much for the donation of Ornament magazines for distribution at our retreat. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Thank you for helping to make it possible.


Cheryl Rains

Central OK Polymer Clay Guild

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma





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