Letters From Our Readers 36.5


rich history of adornment


I recently returned from the Corning Museum of Glass after being invited to do a personal appearance in the Market Gallery, complementing their new exhibit “Life on a String.” After talking to museum folks who kept commenting on my beads and how “very unique” they are, I felt a part of such a rich history of adornment through originality and the synthesis of contemporary influences. Thank you for all that you do to keep us connected, informed and inspired. 


Linda Perrin
Ellsworth, Maine





beautiful classic prints

Thank you for Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell’s exploration of Arthur Liberty and the ongoing legacy of Liberty prints (Volume 36, No. 4). The unsurpassed red paisley Tana lawn yardage I discovered in 1968 started a long love for me of sewing with Liberty fabrics and buying readymades, especially when Liberty had an outpost shop in Chicago.

It is exciting to learn that new designs keep being commissioned and that newcomers and old fans will be able to access the beautiful classic prints in more varied and affordable ways. It is important, though, to remember that what has been special about Liberty textiles is more than a look—it is the fabrics themselves, their quality and handling. May the real thing continue, in cotton, wool and silk.


Cathy Garra

Evanston, Illinois





enlightenment and inspiration

I do not know how long it has been (twenty plus years?) that I have been receiving Ornament, but I still feel the same joy and anticipation at the arrival of each issue. Thank you so much for the years of enlightenment and inspiration.


Susan Childress

Valparaiso, Indiana






insightful writing


Thank you so very much for the awesome, beautiful article on my work (Volume 36, No. 4). I am so delighted with Ashley Callahan’s detailed, intimate and insightful writing. So lovely!



Ben Dyer

Hillsborough, North Carolina






from our facebook friends


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Love the latest Ornament—as usual so much to inspire and enrich and inform.  


Glenda Mac

Chinese Glass Beads, Volume 36, No. 4.

Read it. Outstanding article.


Kathleen McDaniel Poston



Dan Cormier’s Broken Telephone Project, Volume 36, No. 4.

Loved the article, Broken Telephone!


Alexandra Hart


Awesome project and beautiful work!


Rumi Sumaq




Lola Brooks, Volume 36, No. 3.

I just read this article literally minutes ago. I am so intrigued. What an amazing artist.


Karen M. Dickey





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