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the power of personal narrative


Thank you for the stunning Artist Statement of Kelly Morgen in your most recent issue (Vol. 36, No. 5). I so agree about the power of personal narrative in adornment, and Kelly’s beautiful necklaces exemplify the strength of story in all our lives, both the artists and clients. It was a refreshing change of pace for such a time-worn medium like jewelry. I hope you will do a more in-depth article with her in the future. 


Elissabeth Banks
Fullerton, California





inspired me as an artist

I just wanted to write and let you know how thankful I am to have had such a lovely feature in your most recent issue of Ornament magazine. The pictures and spread came out beautifully, and I am honored to appear in the publication that has inspired me as an artist for many years. I so appreciate the time and effort you took to allow me to be a part of your wonderful magazine.


Kelly Morgen

San Rafael, California





here’s to ornament

I love your magazine. As a rug hooker for many years I am well aware of the great pleasure of creating craft and art. Here’s to Ornament for sharing “the news” with us all. Please note change of address—I do not want to miss an issue.


Cecilia Clement

Manhattan, Kansas






your wonderful publication


I save every issue of your wonderful publication Ornament. I was sad to see that the Vol. 36 No. 4 arrived in bad condition. The beautiful cover and several pages got “crunched” up somehow. I am also so happy to have your Collectible Beads book. I love the history of things, and beads were and still are currency.


Mary A. Payton

Salem, Oregon






from our facebook friends


We really enjoy reading responses that our readers post on Facebook. Please keep them coming. Call 800.888.8950 or email ornament@ornamentmagazine.com for these issues. They also can be ordered online at www.ornamentmagazine.com.




I happened across this new series on PBS and was enthralled from the beginning. Funny thing, the first thing I wanted to do was call your office and talk about it, then I was so pleased to see your names in the credits at the end! What an excellent record of these wonderful craftspeople. Thank you for helping to bring it to the world. 


Teri Rider


Teri, who was formerly Ornament’s Art Director (and a terrific one), is referring to the absorbing and informative Craft in America series produced for PBS and created by Carol Sauvion. Now with eleven complete episodes, Episode XII debuts Spring 2014 and explores the business of craft and how artists contribute to local and national economies. Make sure you see it when the episode shows. Ornament always announces each episode on our Facebook page and within the magazine itself. 


I so look forward to Ornament postings, always beautiful and inspiring.


Toni Caridi Perkins



Arabic Silver Jewelry, Volume 36, No. 5

It’s an interesting story—I did read it.


Ann Walker



Heavenly things. I have a small business in ethnographica, partially due to Ornament.


Susan Anne Egon




C’est magnifique! Une reve de bijoux!


Eva Lea Baby



Lisa Anne Auerbach, Volume 36, No. 5

I am now a fan of Lisa Anne Auerbach. What a terrific combination of art, wit and skill. Thanks for the informative article and the great photos.


Paige Halsey Slade





let us know what you think


Ornament welcomes comments from our readers on all topics regarding personal adornment. Published letters may be edited for brevity. On all emails and posted letters please provide your first and last name, city, state or country. Write to P. O. Box 2349, San Marcos, CA 92079-2349; or email message to editorial@ornamentmagazine.com.




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